I had some spare time, so I fiddled with the trilogy, looking for all the cameos and trivias.

  • LoTR: The Lord of The Rings
  • FoTR: The Fellowship of The Ring
  • TTT: The Two Towers
  • RoTK: The Return of The King

Peter Jackson

Director, screenplay writer and producer, his cameos are in all the three movies. Peter Jackson
In FoTR, he's a soaken walkby in Bree, while the hobbits are looking for the Prancing Pony.
In the original idea he should have smoke a pipe, but PJ felt ill, and opted for a carrot, instead. Cameo: Peter Jackson in Bree
In TTT, he's a Rohan soldier, throwing a spear towards the orcs, who are assaulting the Fortress at Helm's Deep.
Cameo: Peter Jackson at Helm's Deep Cameo: Peter Jackson at Helm's Deep
In RoTK, finally, he shows up as a corsar, with other members of the crew. He's on the ship that Aragorn stops, and got an arrow from Legolas.
In this image there's also Andrew Lesnie, partially visible, as pointed by the red arrow. Cameo: Peter Jackson and Andrew Lesnie on the ship for Minas Tirith

Barrie M. Osborne

Barrie M. Osborne
His cameo is in TTT, as a Rohan soldier, throwing rocks at the orcs while they're trying to smash down the Fortress' door with a battering-ram. Cameo: Barrie M. Osborne at Helm's Deep

John Howe, Alan Lee and Dan Hennah

Two conceptual designers and an Art Director for the set decoration. John Howe
Alan Lee
Dan Hennah
Howe and Lee are two of the Kings of the Men who received one of the rings, in FoTR's Prologue.
I love how Howe holds the ring like it were repulsive, while Lee stares at his with an intense gaze. Cameo: John Howe and Alan Lee, Kings of the Men
Lee shows up also in TTT, at Helm's Deep, with Hennah. Both are men of Rohan, busy dressing up for the battle.
Cameo: Alan Lee and Dan Hennah at Helm's Deep

Daniel Falconer

Designer and sculptor for Weta Workshop. Daniel Falconer
Unlucky Cameo, here. Falconer is one of the elvish archers from Lothlòrien, rushed in to help Rohan, at Helm's Deep. His half-face is barely visible and out of focus, for just about a fraction of a second, then Aragorn steps in in front of him.
In this image, he's just on the right of Aragorn's head. Cameo: Daniel Falconer at Helm's Deep

Weta Workshop's Blacksmiths

I don't know their names, unfortunately, but the two elves who at Rivendell are reforging Andùril from Narsil's remains also are the real blacksmiths who built the weapons and armors for the movies. Weta Workshop's blacksmiths

Christian Rivers

Conceptual designer for visual effects. Christian Rivers
Recognizable without a doubt as one of the two soldiers in charge of the beacon at Minas Tirith (RoTK). Cameo: Christian Rivers in Minas Tirith

Rick Porras

Co-producer (WingNut Films). Rick Porras
... is the other soldier in charge of the beacon, with Rivers. Cameo: Rick Porras in Minas Tirith
Another cameo, with other corsairs, in the ship sailing to Minas Tirith. In the upper left corner you might spot, out of focus, Andrew Lesnie (see below). Cameo: Rick Porras corsair

Andrew Lesnie

Director of photography. Not very lucky, in his cameo. He's always barely visible and out of focus (oh the irony). Andrew Lesnie

Gino Acevedo and Richard Taylor

Prostethics Supervisor and the very soul of Weta Workshop, respectively. Gino Acevedo
Richard Taylor
In RoTK, here are Taylor and Acevedo, corsairs too. Taylor's makeup was so good that apparently not even his wife was able to recognize him. Cameo: Richard Taylor and Gino Acevedo sailing for Minas Tirith

Howard Shore and Michael Semanick

Soundtrack composer and re-recording mixer. Howard Shore
Michael Semanick
What's better than some laughs celebrating the victory at Helm's Deep with a beer contest? They're both between Legolas and the barrel. Semanick in Barbie's hair is priceless. Cameo: Howard Shore and Michael Semanick

Jane Abbott

Liv Tyler's riding double. Jane Abbott
Isn't she pretty as a maiden among Arwen's followers? (in the middle, between Aragorn and Arwen).
Cameo: Jane Abbott in Minas Tirith

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